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1) Wooden chip plank
2) Rope
3) Fabric in different colours. 

When I had the idea in my head it all seemed so difficult. I had too many questions. But when I actually told myself "Ok, let's do it!", it did not appear to be a rocket science at all! So here are the instructions: Start off by preparing the decorative fabric. Cut it in strips, approximately 4 cm x 52 cm.

Drill two holes, approximately 4 cm from each edge. To ease the threading of the rope, tape the ends of the rope. The tie a knot, but leave the end of the rope hanging.

Hang your swing on the tree and start decorating the ropes by simply tying the fabric strips. The distance between each knot should be 5 cm. I tied my fabric in this color order: coral - purple - coral - mint -coral - purple and so on. Don't forget to decorate the hanging rope edges.

 And that's it!

The swing has been tested by me personally and it's safe! ha!

Chilli wants some attention, too!


  1. kaip gražu! jau įsivaizduoju, kaip plaikstosi ir šlama palei ausis tos medžiagikės :) noriu pasisupt :D

  2. Fantastika. Bet kūrėja dar labiau fantastiška!!!

  3. That's so beautiful! And, if you have such a green backyard things are even better! xoxo

  4. Seriously!! This swing is magical! Thanks so much for the DIY, I can't wait to make this when my daughter is a bit older! Or now, just for me :) So fun! xx Nat

  5. Labai gražios ir linksmos supynės. :) Manau supimasis tampta daug nuotaikingesnis tokiose. :)

  6. Siaubas kaip grazu!!!

  7. This is beautiful! I just love it!